Whether you're a coffee lover or hater, there is one universal truth that we can all agree on - freshly roasted coffee beans have an aroma like nothing else in this world. Part of coffee's appeal is its intense smell, which is wrapped up with its gorgeous flavor.

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It's not commonly known, but coffee beans that have just been harvested don't initially tend to have that great of an aroma. The coffee scent we've all come to know is actually produced during the roasting process, as this is when all the great tasting notes and smells are released.

If you want to buy your own roasted coffee beans at home, and enjoy the rich scent that comes with them, then you need to make sure they are freshly roasted beans. Many people fail to recognize the importance of freshness when it comes to bean quality, but this is a factor that plays a large role in the final coffee product. We've tried and tested countless products here at Chamberlain Coffee, and we can assure you that fresh is best.

In order to ensure that you can make the most amazing and tasty coffee at home, it's important that you buy the best fresh roasted beans possible. There is a lot that goes into getting the best beans, so it's integral that you know what exactly roasted beans entail. Once you're fully informed, then you can make an informed decision when buying your beans.

How Are Coffee Beans Roasted?

When coffee beans are harvested, they actually come in the form of a fruit called a coffee cherry. These cherries will go through a process before they become green beans. You can buy green beans, and roast them yourself at home. Many people like to do this, since it guarantees a fresh coffee flavor, that you can control. However, you need special equipment, time, and a lot of patience since it can actually be quite a difficult process!

If you'd prefer to buy your whole beans in roasted form, then you should know exactly what is done to them. Before the beans are roasted, they are separated into different batches, depending on a variety of things such as flavor and bean type. A roaster will then put the beans in a special roasting machine, that is constantly moving. The machine needs to keep moving so that every side of the bean can be evenly roasted as this ensures a balanced flavor is achieved.

Coffee beans are roasted at very high temperatures of around 550 degrees. The whole roasting process can take around 10-15 minutes, depending on how light or dark you want your beans to go. Once the beans reach a certain temperature inside, they will begin to change color externally. As well as this, they will start to crack which signals to the roaster whether they are done or not.

Once coffee beans have been roasted, they will be packed into airtight packaging as soon as possible to retain the fresh tastes and smells that the roasting process has produced. So, when you buy fresh coffee roasts, you'll know that these were roasted around two weeks prior, but certainly not before then.

It's quite a journey from plant to coffee cup, and the roasting method plays a large role in the final product. Once you know how your coffee beans are made, then you can fully appreciate the work of coffee farmers and coffee roasters.

What Are Roasting Levels?

If you ask a coffee expert what the best type of coffee is, it's likely that they'll answer you with a specific roast and bean type. When it comes to the best fresh roasted coffee beans, you have to take into account the fact that there are different roast levels, and that each one has specific attributes.

The roast levels are light, medium, and dark. Within each of these levels are different variations, but all coffee beans will belong to one of these three main varieties. You can get each of them in fresh packs so that you can fully appreciate the flavor of each one.

Light roasts have a light brown exterior and spend the least amount of time on the roasting machine. They are widely considered to have the truest coffee taste since they retain the bean's flavor the most. They have a light, acidic flavor and are sweet. These beans will give your coffee a thin texture and contain the most caffeine.

After a light roast, you get a medium level. Somewhere in between dark and light, these beans have a darker brown color and a slight crack on them. They are generally known to be aromatic and sweet and have flavor notes of caramel and fruit. This level is great for making drinks like cold brews since they add a certain sweetness to the beverage.

Finally, dark roast beans are a deep brown color and have very obvious cracks on their outer shell. They will have a visibly oily surface, thanks to the roasting process which has released oils from the bean. This gives them a very strong and bitter taste. Their natural coffee flavors are almost masked thanks to the notes that have been produced during the roasting process, and they often have a smokey and toasted aroma. Darker roasts also contain less caffeine so are often used in decaf coffee products.

There is no 'best' roast level. It's totally dependent on you and what you like in your coffee. However, it cannot be debated when it comes to whether fresh roasts are better than other types of coffee - they 100% are!

Which Are The Best Roasted Coffee Beans To Buy?

There are many coffee beans that are used to create our delicious cups of joe. These include arabica, robusta, liberica, and excelsa. The most common, and the ones that you have probably tried, are arabica and robusta. Each of these beans requires different environments and conditions in order to grow properly and be as tasty as possible.

The most famous and popular are the arabica beans, and you'll find these in some of the best, limited edition, gourmet coffees around. These beans, when roasted properly, have a sweet and full-bodied flavor. They can be found around the world but mostly in Ethiopia. They are commonly used in medium roast blends, and will definitely deliver you one of the best coffees around.

Robusta beans are slightly more bitter than arabica, and can give your coffee a strong and overpowering flavor. Liberica and excelsa beans are a lot less common and often more expensive due to their exclusivity.

You can buy single origin beans, which means that you buy a pack that contains just one type of bean. However, it is more common to buy blends, since these are cheaper and provide you with a mix of flavors. A lot of people consider roast whole bean coffee blends to be the best option since these provide them with good tasting notes.

When it comes to the best fresh roasted coffee beans, the type of bean is important, but equally important is whether the beans are organic or fair trade. Organic beans are known to be grown in more natural conditions without the use of harmful additives and pesticides. If you follow a holistic diet then it is best to search for an organic coffee company for your coffee beans.

Certified fair trade coffee beans ensure that farmers are adequately compensated for their products, and help to promote sustainability in the coffee industry. If you want to make ethical purchases then it might be worth taking a look at the various fair trade coffee products that are on offer, since you'll be able to find something that suits your morals.

Aside from production and bean type, there is a lot else to consider when trying to find the best coffee beans. Of course, tasting notes are very important and each roast will give you something different. With coffee, you can find an abundance of flavors from citrus notes all the way to dark chocolate. However, it may require a few tastings before you find the best beans for you.

Most importantly, the best-roasted coffee beans to buy are the freshest. Trust us, when you shop for beans you need to check the roast date and buy something that was roasted fairly recently, around two weeks to a month prior. Fresh beans will ensure you get great coffee every time.

Why Is Freshness Important in Roasted Coffee Beans?

The best coffee beans are freshly roasted ones, period. This is why instant coffee products don't have the same flavor and kick that a roasted whole bean coffee provides. Your local coffee shop will almost definitely be using freshly roasted beans in your regular order, so why shouldn't you do the same at home?

Freshness is incredibly important in coffee beans because once beans are roasted, not only are their aromatic smells and tastes released, but they being a process which is called 'off-gas'. When beans start to off-gas, carbon dioxide is released from the beans, but with it goes a lot of the flavors and aromas that are integral to the overall quality of the beans.

A bean can start to lose its freshness immediately after roasting. However, this doesn't mean that your coffee will taste bad unless you make it the second after the beans have been roasted. Most coffee beans can retain their great flavors up to two weeks after roasting. However, it is advisable to avoid buying a product that doesn't have a recent roast date.

If the beans you buy aren't freshly roasted, then they may have bland or strange tasting notes and a boring or off smell. As well as this, they may be stale, which will severely reduce the quality of your drink. Although it's safe to consume beans that are fresh, you are sacrificing a good coffee experience. Freshly roasted beans will allow you to enjoy a coffee that has a full-body and delivers exceptional smells and flavors.

To start your morning off right, you should definitely try making your espresso or cold brew with freshly roasted beans. You'll notice the difference.

How To Keep Your Coffee Beans Fresh

If you don't want to feel disappointed once your coffee beans turn stale after a few days of purchase, then you need to find ways to extend their freshness at home. A coffee bean starts to turn stale the moment after it is removed from the roasting machine, so to get the most out of your beans there are a few things that you can do.

Firstly, your beans will come in a sealed bag, designed to preserve their freshness. Once you open this bag, it's important that you transfer your beans into an airtight container. Air can really affect the taste since it will speed up the off-gas process. You can find specially made containers for coffee beans in most stores or online.

As well as storing your beans in a seal proof container, you need to make sure they are kept in a dark place, away from light. A cupboard is a good option. This is because sunlight can make beans go stale. As well as this, make sure you put the beans in a cool area since heat also plays a role in affecting their freshness.

By storing your beans as detailed above, you'll extend their freshness for a couple of weeks. If you want to keep your beans fresher for a long period of time, then there is another option. Many people choose to store their beans in freezer bags and keep them frozen. This can greatly extend the shelf life of beans, taking them way past their expiration date.

Freezing coffee beans is a great option in terms of freshness. You can remove the number of beans you need for the week, and then return them to the freezer to ensure you aren't constantly bringing them out of their frozen state. For busy, on-the-go people, this way of storage works quite well.

However, there is a drawback to this innovative method; it greatly affects the taste of the beans. A nice bag of beans should have an incredible aroma. However, freezing can cause the beans to absorb more moisture, which can impact their tastes and give them an almost muddy aftertaste.

Since we drink coffee for the incredible tasting experience, whole bean coffee that is made from beans that have been stored in the freezer almost defeats the point of buying freshly roasted beans in the first place. If you get roasted beans and want to keep their taste, then we recommend storing them in sealed containers, and keeping them away from the freezer. Coffee is all about taste, and freezing really affects that aspect.

Are Freshly Roasted Beans Easy to Use?

If you've been buying instant coffee for your home use because you're unsure of how to make your own coffee from scratch using whole beans, then it's time to change that. Whole beans are easy to use at home, and you don't need a super snazzy coffee shop machine in order to get good coffee.

If you're itching to make a cold brew from coffee beans then you need to invest in a few pieces of equipment. Luckily, there is a big market for these things and different items have various price tags. You can get a grinder machine, which will prepare your beans into freshly ground coffee. There are different types of machines, some that are automatic and others that are manual. We recommend buying an automatic grinder since it makes the whole process so much easier.

Once you have your freshly ground coffee, you need to choose a suitable brewing method. Depending on the type of coffee you're making you can either use a french press, a Moka pot, or a pour-over drip coffee style method. For the best cold brew, the pour-over method works well, as does a french press. However, it's completely up to you and whatever you feel comfortable doing. You can research the best ways to use your freshly ground coffee online, and check out the rest of our site since we offer recipes and methods that might just suit you!

All in all, it is super easy to make a cup of coffee from whole beans. As long as you get your hand on the best coffee beans on the market, then you'll be able to start making drinks that rival those from your local coffee shop in no time!

Chamberlain Coffee Products

We're seriously passionate about all things coffee at Chamberlain Coffee. That's why we want to provide you with information on all the different types of coffee so that you can choose the best products for your personal needs.

We understand the importance of taste, aroma, and quality, which is why we sell some of the best freshly roasted coffee beans in the industry. Although we are a fairly new coffee company, we know our stuff and have hand-selected some of the finest beans in order to provide you with a unique coffee experience every day.

At Chamberlain Coffee, we work with certified coffee roasters to make sure our bean blends have incredibly aromatic tasting notes. We offer a variety of roasting levels, to satisfy everyone's specific tastes.

As well as this, we get our beans from farms that employ the highest standards when it comes to growing and harvesting beans. We are all about sustainability, and so strive to support and work alongside those farmers who use sustainable materials in their products. For us, it's all about providing a high standard to our customers, and that means that our coffee beans have to be of a high standard.

If you want to create some of the best coffee you've ever tasted, then check out our site. Our range of products come at fair prices that reflect the quality of the coffee, and we offer direct shipping to locations across the world.

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