Did you know that a coffee's deliciously distinct aroma and flavor may not always be entirely natural? Although each cup of coffee has a unique taste and scent that comes from roasted coffee beans, there are many brands and coffee shops that flavor their beans in order to enhance their natural taste. Die-hard coffee fans might turn their nose up at anything that isn't all-natural, but flavored coffee beans are a lot more common than you'd think.

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Unbeknownst to you, your favorite coffee chain drink may have been made with flavored coffee beans all this time! Flavored beans don't necessarily affect the overall quality of the coffee, but they can mask the natural tastes that come from coffee beans. As well as this, since they are usually added on, it sparks the question: are they good for you?

Of course, some coffee beans have extra flavor naturally due to a plethora of reasons. But it's best to know before you buy a bag of coffee beans or even a coffee drink from your local shop, what type of beans have been used.

If you're new to the world of flavored coffee and haven't tried it yet, then you'll want to know exactly how these special beans are made. Since we know all about coffee here at Chamberlain Coffee, we're here to help you learn about special flavored coffee beans, what they are, how they are made, and which are the best!

What Are Flavored Coffee Beans?

Flavored coffee beans and flavored coffee are not the same thing. A cup of coffee that has been flavored after brewing will retain the natural tastes of the coffee beans. However, if you add extra flavoring to coffee beans before the roasting process, then these are considered to be flavored coffee beans.

Coffee beans can be flavored in a number of ways, but the most common is that they are infused in oils. These flavored oils contain a mixture of artificial and real ingredients to create a flavor explosion in your drink.

It's possible to create almost any flavor and add it to beans. If you like your coffee beans with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, chocolate, nuts, or berries, you'll be able to find flavored beans in any of these varieties. These flavors can often be produced using the natural ingredients themselves, but many certified and regulated chemicals will be used to recreate the perfect taste for your beans.

Flavoring is added after the beans have been roasted so the beans will already have some tasting notes that were brought out during the roasting process. However, for some people, these subtle, natural flavors are not strong enough, and they prefer to buy enhanced beans that increase the tasting profile of the bean batch.

You can get flavored beans in virtually any roast level, so it doesn't matter whether you prefer light, medium, or dark. You'll be able to find something that suits your tastes.

If you prefer to buy your beans as they are, in their natural roasted form, then you can still add flavor to your homemade coffee. Some people prefer to simply add syrups in order to flavor coffees. These syrups are usually very sweet and can reduce the bitterness and acidity that coffee has. If you want to avoid artificially flavored beans but add something extra to your coffee, then these are a great option.

How Do You Infuse Flavor Into Coffee Beans?

Although it sounds like a tricky and complicated process, infusing flavor into coffee beans isn't very hard. It is more work for a coffee brand, but it can be done after the roasting process, using similar equipment. This affects the price of flavored coffee beans, and they are often more expensive because of the extra work that has gone into making them.

Flavored coffee beans that you buy from a grocery store or online will have all been flavored in the same way. Like when they are roasted, the beans are put into a rotating mixer. The beans are then covered in syrups and oils using a spray which evenly coats all sides of every bean as they are turned around in the mixer.

These oils then soak into the coffee beans and infuse them with new tastes that will be brought out once they have been ground. Your beans will look oily after they have been coated and the flavor will last for longer than the natural flavors in roasted beans. This is because they are artificial, and so don't decrease in taste as quickly.

If you've just bought some freshly roasted beans, but feel as though they are lacking the aroma and taste that you want, you can add this yourself and infuse them at home! It's not difficult but does require a little bit of effort on your part.

Firstly, you need to find a syrup or flavored oil that can be used on coffee beans. You can easily find these in grocery stores or online. Then, you need to take your whole beans and place them in a container that can be closed and made airtight. After, you should add the flavoring, by pouring the oil or syrup over your beans to ensure they are all evenly coated.

It is best to leave your beans soaking in the infusion for at least 30 minutes, to ensure that the coffee beans absorb all the flavors. Luckily, beans act like sponges and will soak everything up fairly quickly. Make sure to keep them stored in an airtight container so that the new flavors can stay in place for as long as possible.

After you've finished infusing your beans, you can grind them and start to make yummy flavored coffees for you and your friends at home! Impress everyone with the incredible smells and tastes that come from your flavor-infused coffee beans!

Are Flavored Coffee Beans Bad For You?

Whenever we hear the words "flavoring", or "added flavors", we immediately picture dangerous and unhealthy, artificial chemicals. Sure enough, many people are severely put off from buying flavored coffee beans because they contain chemicals.

However, flavorings for coffee are often produced with a lot of natural ingredients. For example, if you want to buy hazelnut infused beans, then it is likely that real hazelnuts have been used in order to create this flavor. However, of course, some synthetic chemicals are added to intensify this added flavor and ensure it is long-lasting.

So, are these chemicals bad for you? A lot of people might argue that putting anything artificial into your body isn't great, but a lot of the food and drink we consume nowadays is made with additives and flavorings. The chemicals in flavored coffees all have to pass certain food and drink safety standards so you can rest assured that nothing highly toxic or dangerous is being used to flavor your coffee. As well as this, all coffee beans go through quality control checks, which ensures they are safe for distribution and consumption.

Now that we've established that these chemicals are safe to consume, what about their sugar and calorie content? Many people believe that a flavored coffee bean will have ten times more sugar than a regular bean, and is, therefore, super unhealthy. This is 100% wrong! Added flavorings and oils won't increase or change the calorie or sugar content of your coffee beans at all.

Considering the fact that flavored coffee beans don't have extra sugar or calories, they may actually be healthier than regular beans. This is because instead of drinking coffee made with flavored coffee, many people buy regular coffee and then add shots of caramel and vanilla on top to give it extra flavor. As well as this, they may add a lot of calorific milk which increases the fat content. By doing this, you are consuming far more calories than you would with a regular black coffee brewed from flavored beans.

So, all in all, flavored coffee beans aren't bad for you. Of course, it is better to drink a black coffee with regular roasted beans to get that authentic coffee flavor and aroma in your morning cup of joe. However, if you have a sweet tooth then flavored whole beans will provide you with a delicious taste, without the need to add lots of extra sugar and toppings to your drink. It's a great solution for people with sweet cravings!

What Is The Best Flavored Coffee?

When you select your coffee beans, the coffee flavor usually plays a role in the selection process. If it doesn't, then it definitely should. Coffee isn't just something you consume to give you energy and wake you up first thing in the morning. It is a delicious beverage that we should savor and enjoy when drinking. For this reason, if you want to drink flavored coffee, then you need to select the absolute best.

Natural coffee flavors that are produced during the roasting process definitely add different rich and smooth tasting notes to your morning coffee. But if you want something that tastes a little sweeter, nuttier, or more chocolatey, then you need to invest in flavored coffee.

The best coffee bean is usually considered to be the arabica, and it is a great choice for flavored coffee. This is because it is naturally a little sweeter than other coffee beans and will add a smooth and full-flavored taste to your brew. Additional flavorings will amplify the natural taste of this bean and you'll love the result.

Although single origin arabica coffee always offers fantastic results, a flavored coffee blend can also provide you with some of the best coffee around. A blend will usually feature two or more bean types, and this can result in new flavors and a richer overall taste. When you combine this with additional flavorings, you'll get a delicious taste explosion in your mouth!

Other factors to consider when you search for the best-flavored coffee beans, is the roast date. Even though added flavors are artificial, it is still important to take freshness into account when buying beans. A more recent roast date will ensure that the quality of the bean is good and that your product won't go stale after a few days. This means you'll get more use out of your beans, and be able to fully enjoy the great flavors in your coffees.

If you're looking for the best coffee flavors and want to try something new, then take a look at our wide selection of products. At Chamberlain Coffee, we offer a variety of coffee beans, and all of them are available at an affordable price. Our flavored coffee products are made using some of the best ingredients and aromatic infused oils so that your coffee will have a rich flavor.

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