If you've ever visited Italy, then you'll know that nothing beats an authentic Italian espresso. Luckily, nowadays many coffee chains like Coffee Bean and Starbucks produce amazing espresso drinks so that we don't need to venture across the Atlantic to enjoy the strong and bitter taste of an espresso. However, it can be hard to recreate this iconic coffee drink at home, especially if we aren't using the right coffee beans.

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In Italy, espressos can be drunk at any time of the day. In the morning, after lunch, and even as a mid-afternoon pick me up, this coffee drink is popular due to its intense flavor and aroma. A good espresso often has flavor notes of chocolate and nuts and has a bitter aroma.

However, you can't expect to get the perfect espresso if you use instant coffee or even regular ground coffee or coffee beans. If you want to make your own espresso at home, then you'll need the best espresso coffee beans to do this job.

Many people dislike the idea of making espressos at home for the simple fact that it requires a special type of bean. However, this doesn't mean that it is difficult and should be avoided. In fact, it can be more satisfying to create a specific type of coffee that has been made from specially sourced beans. So, if you want to make a great espresso, then you need to consider several factors. Luckily we've compiled them all for you below, to assist you on your espresso-making journey!

Should I Use Coffee Beans or Ground Coffee to Make an Espresso?

For a lot of people, the idea of making coffee from scratch using whole beans is intimidating. If you're not familiar with using coffee beans, then you might imagine it is a long-winded and hard process. For this reason, most of us choose to use ground coffee when making espressos.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using ground coffee, and there are in fact many ground blends that are made specifically for creating espressos. However, if you want a flavorsome drink, then your best bet is to use whole beans. This is because the moment that beans are ground, their freshness and flavor profile starts to diminish.

A coffee espresso is unique due to its incredible tastes. If you really want the perfect aroma and taste in your cup of coffee then using espresso coffee beans is the best way to achieve this.

Are Espresso Beans and Coffee Beans the Same?

You may have bought a bag of regular roasted coffee beans, and finely ground them only to create an espresso that was disappointing. This is because there are different types of coffee beans, and those that are explicitly made for espresso drinks are created in a different way.

Although espresso beans are similar to regular roasted blends in a number of ways, as they are usually made from arabica or robusta beans, they are also unique for several reasons. Espresso beans are always dark roasted and have usually been roasted for a longer time than other dark roasts. They will have a second crack on the beans and an oily surface. This is so that your drink will have that unique bitter taste that the roasting process helps to release.

Although single-origin coffee beans are popular, many people choose to drink espresso blends that contain a mixture of beans. This is because they are often cheaper and the mixture of the beans together will create a more powerful taste than single-origins bags.

Since espressos are normally drunk without milk, they need to have low acidity and a strong flavor. However, espresso shots are often added to milk to create cappuccinos and lattes. For this reason, roast espresso beans are darker than others as their flavor needs to come through in coffee drinks where milk is added.

So, all in all, espresso beans are essentially dark roasted beans that have been specifically made for espresso drinks. They'll provide you a high-quality taste and aroma that will make you think you're sipping your coffee in an Italian cafe.

Can You Use Any Type Of Coffee For Espresso?

Imagine that you're at home and you want to treat yourself to a great espresso coffee, but you only have medium roast coffee beans. This isn't the end of the world, but it might not give you the flavor you're searching for. Although there is no rule relating to how you should make your espresso, there are certain types that you should avoid if you want to create the perfect espresso coffee.

Instant coffee is a definite no-no when making an espresso. When you use instant granules, you won't get the rich flavors and aromas, or that indescribable burst of caffeine that comes with whole bean coffee. It's best to use something fresher.

Ground coffees are decent substitutes for espresso beans, especially if they are made from dark roasted beans. Ground coffees can lose a bit of the fresh coffee taste during the grinding process. However, if they are finely ground from very dark roasts, then you'll still get a coffee that has great flavor notes and smells.

The best coffee beans for an espresso shot is definitely espresso beans. Although regular dark roast beans will give you full and rich flavors, it is best to buy an espresso blend. A blend of different beans made especially for espresso drinks will contain a variety of strong flavors, and may even be cheaper than dark roast single-origin beans.

By buying specific espresso beans, you'll ensure that all of the taste and aroma are locked into the beans up until the point of grinding. In order to get the best results from these special types of beans, it is essential that you have a high-quality grinder or espresso machine at home that can finely shave the beans for you.

So, if you want a quality espresso shot, then you should try to use whole beans that have been roasted especially for espresso drinks.

What Espresso Beans Does Starbucks Use?

Many of us create coffee with the hopes of emulating famous coffee chain drinks. Starbucks is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the coffee world and sets the trends in regard to new coffee drinks. They have reached worldwide popularity thanks to their strong coffee flavors.

However, buying a coffee product from Starbucks every day can add up and be a strain on your bank balance. As well as this, you can't control things like sugar and milk content, like you can when you make homemade coffee. For this reason, more people are beewing their own coffee at home.

So, if you want to make your own coffee at home that emulates popular Starbucks drinks, without spending a lot of money for one cup of coffee, then you'll need to get your hands on an espresso roast that is similar to their in house blends.

Starbucks uses a combination of arabica beans and robusta beans. This creates the strong, almost burnt taste that you get with a Starbucks coffee. Arabica beans are the most popular beans for coffee and are widely recognized as the highest quality beans on the market. Where the beans are grown will affect their flavor.

Robusta beans are grown in Africa and Indonesia. They are higher in caffeine, yet less flavorsome than arabica beans, which means that they blend together well. Robusta beans complement the strong flavors of arabica beans while giving the espresso a strong taste and ensuring that you get a caffeine boost.

Since Starbucks employs a blend of coffee beans in their espresso brews, this makes it easier for people to emulate their famous drinks in the comfort of their own homes. Espresso bean blends are far more popular than single-origin bags of beans, and it's likely that you'll find roasted blends that consist of arabica and robusta whole beans.

When you're looking for the best espresso beans for your coffee, it''s important to try and find espresso blends. These will provide you with that familiar coffee taste that you're yearning for and ensure you get your caffeine kick, without having to visit a coffee chain.

Are Espresso and Americano The Same?

There are so many types of coffee drinks, so much so that it can be hard to differentiate between them. A lot of us are unaware of the differences between espressos and americanos since both are strong black coffees.

Both taste best when they are made with whole beans. However, both are made differently. An americano coffee consists of making one espresso shot and then pouring hot water over it to create a weaker coffee. A longer americano is when the espresso shot is poured into a cup of hot water, as this will change the texture slightly.

A cup of espresso coffee is made in a very different way. Hot water is shot at high pressure through coffee grounds, creating a rich and flavourful drink. This is why espresso shots can be enjoyed as a standalone beverage, or are often added into other coffee drinks. The strong flavor is intensified through this process. This ensures that an espresso shot can be tasted when added to other components for example when creating cappuccinos or cold brews.

How Can I Make The Perfect Espresso?

Now that you're aware of the importance of using espresso beans to make an espresso shot, this means you also need to have the right equipment to ensure that all of your coffees come out tasting the same. There are several ways to make the best espresso possible, in the form of different espresso machines.

First, you can buy automatic espresso machines, like those used in coffee shops. These espresso machines will simplify the coffee creating procedure and ensure that your beans are taken from their whole form, all the way to an espresso shot without you doing any of the hard work.

If you don't own an automatic espresso machine, you can purchase a more affordable automatic whole bean grinder. A good grinder will ensure that small batches of your beans come out finely shaved in order to release all of their flavors. From here you can create your espresso in a couple of ways.

You can employ a French press to make a great tasting espresso. A French press that comes in a smaller size is an ideal option for creating small espresso drinks. You'll need to balance the amount of your whole bean ground coffee with enough boiling water to ensure that each cup of coffee is equally strong. Make sure that you leave your coffee to brew for a substantial amount of time in the French press so that it comes out with a good flavor.

As well as this, there is the option of a traditional Italian Cafetiere or a Moka pot as it's known in the US. This European invention will ensure you get a really great tasting coffee. This nifty creation uses steam to add hot water to the ground espresso beans. You simply need to place it over your stove and wait for it to boil in a short amount of time. This coffee maker is one of the best when it comes to creating espresso drinks that have really strong flavor notes.

How Do I Choose The Best Coffee Beans For Espresso?

There is a lot to consider when buying espresso beans. If you want to make espresso that tastes as though it's come straight from Italy itself, then it's important that you consider many factors when buying roast espresso coffee beans. To help you choose the best espresso beans, we've compiled a list of things to keep in mind when you're browsing beans for espresso drinks.

Choose The Right Roast Type

When buying roast espresso beans, you need to ensure that you buy the right roast type. If you buy a normal bag of medium or medium-dark roast beans, then you won't get the same result that you'll achieve with dark roast coffee beans. Espresso roast beans are always very dark, and can even come in special blends like an Italian roast espresso blend.

It's important that you buy whole bean espresso roasts. This will ensure that your coffee tastes good, as the flavor notes will be fresher and stronger, than in a ground variety. As well as this, you should check out the coffee roaster on your beans. Coffee roasters vary, and each one has different techniques. Search for a roaster that has roasted the beans for a long amount of time, since more flavors and aromas are produced during a lengthier roasting period.

So, it's important to avoid light and medium roasts when you want to create a good espresso. The best beans to get should always be dark espresso beans that have been roasted for a long time.

Flavor Notes

If you're a fan of coffee for its various flavors and aromas, then it's important that you choose beans that have a strong flavor profile. A good espresso should be bitter in taste, yet smooth at the same time. It's normal for coffee such as espresso to have notes of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. However, the quantity these appear in can vary.

Depending on the proportion of arabica and robusta beans in your espresso blend, this will greatly affect the flavors. If there is a larger quantity of arabica beans, then you'll have a sweeter espresso, than if you have more robusta beans. If you like your coffee to taste bitter like dark chocolate, then you should look for an espresso bean blend that contains a higher proportion of robusta beans.

Dark roasts in general have fuller-bodied flavors, and those that contain a well-balanced mixture of robusta and arabica are generally considered to be the best. This is because the earthy tasting notes of the robusta beans balance out the more refined flavor and aroma that comes with the gourmet arabica bean.

Where The Coffee Beans Are Grown

Where coffee beans are grown can affect which espresso coffee beans you choose to purchase. Whole bean coffee blends often contain a mixture of two or more beans, and the different countries they are grown in can greatly affect the overall taste.

Arabica beans are mainly grown in South and Central America, and South American countries such as Colombia are big exporters of this bean. Robusta beans are grown in Africa and Indonesia in lower altitudes and mature more slowly than arabica beans. Arabica beans need specific soil to grow well in, otherwise, they won't possess the richness that sets them apart from other coffee beans.

Whether beans are shade-grown or grown in warmer climates also can affect how they will taste after the roasting process. It's therefore a good idea to check every bag of beans before you buy them to find out where the beans are from, and how this has affected the tasting notes. A certain type of soil might make your beans take on an extra bitterness that isn't quite what you want.

Freshness and Roast Date

When you are looking for the best espresso beans, you need to check the roast date. The roast date tells us when the beans were roasted, and this will give an indication of how fresh they are.

When beans are roasted, they begin to crack and oils from the beans are released. This creates that beautiful aroma that we all love, but it also means that the beans can start to lose their taste. You need to ensure that the beans you choose were freshly roasted recently since this will ensure that they still taste good.

Once you have your beans, it is also important to try and retain their freshness since you can't make a good coffee with stale beans. You should store your beans in an airtight container, away from light and heat so that they don't start to go stale. This will boost their freshness and ensure that you get a great tasting espresso.

A Blend or Single Origin Beans

When coffee is roasted, it's put into either coffee bean blends or single-origin whole bean products. For many people, this is an unknown fact, but a roasted bean blend is an important thing to consider when you're trying to find the best espresso coffee beans.

For some coffee lovers, they don't like the idea of mixing beans together. The tasting notes of arabica and robusta are polar opposites, and this can put people off trying an espresso bean blend. Other people don't like the idea of mixing Indonesian beans with beans from Africa and South America, as they think this can affect the taste too much.

However, when you are trying to find the best espresso beans, it's actually better if you look for a good dark roast blend. Italian roast espresso blends are so great because they produce a flavor that is well balanced, and that isn't too sweet or too bitter. This is thanks to the fact that they are largely made up of a blend of beans.

As well as this, single-origin beans can often have a higher price tag than a mixture of coffee beans. If you wish to save money, then you are better off buying a dark roast blend, since the alternative can be quite expensive.

Organic and Fair Trade Beans

A final, and very important, factor to consider when buying the best beans for your espresso, is to consider whether they are organic or fair trade. As our world evolves, it is becoming more apparent that we must shop ethically and in a sustainable way. Not only will this support our communities, but also our environment.

There is an abundance of organic fair trade beans for espresso drinks on the market. These beans have been grown with more attention to their environment, and to those who have grown the beans. This ensures that farms in Central America, South America, Africa, and elsewhere can grow beans in return for a fair price.

As well as this, certified organic beans often taste great due to the soil and conditions that have been grown in. This means that you'll not only be supporting fair work when buying organic coffee beans, but you'll not have to compromise on taste and quality.

So, when searching for the best espresso coffee beans, try to keep in mind how they've been made. It's important to make ethical choices, now more than ever.

Chamberlain Coffee Espresso Beans

At Chamberlain Coffee, we have a range of coffee products that will suit all of your needs. if you're after the best espresso beans, then our products will suit you. We sell dark roast coffee beans that can be used in automatic espresso machines for fine grind results. If you prefer to grind our beans, you can also put them in automatic grinders.

Our coffee beans will enable you to create great espressos which you can drink on their own, or pour into your concoctions. Our roasts are available in medium-dark varieties with notes of chocolate. Remember to give your espresso an ample amount of brewing time, so that the tasting notes can really shine through.

Our Central American, South American, and Indonesian beans are sourced from organic farms, to ensure that you get the best taste possible. We care about sustainability, so all of our products are packaged in sustainable materials.

For great tasting espresso coffee that is available at a reasonable price, check out our shop!