How to Make Cold Brew Coffee


Discover the art of making cold brew coffee at home. Renowned for its smooth, rich flavor profile, cold brew coffee offers a refreshing alternative to traditional hot brewing methods. This guide will take you through the simple yet rewarding process of creating your own cold brew, ensuring a perfect cup every time. 

Choosing Your Coffee Beans 

  • Selecting the Right Beans: For a superior cold brew, opt for beans with a chocolatey or nutty profile. Our Signature Cold Brew Blend is an excellent choice, offering a well-balanced flavor. 
  • Grind Size Matters: Use a coarse grind to ensure optimal extraction and avoid over-infusion. 

The Perfect Ratio 

  • Standard Coffee-to-Water Ratio: A good starting point is 1:8 (one part coffee to eight parts water). Adjust according to your taste for a stronger or milder brew. 
  • Mixing It Right: Combine your ground coffee and water in a large jar or cold brew maker. Stir gently to ensure all grounds are saturated. 

The Brewing Process 

  • Patience is Key: Let your coffee steep for 12-24 hours at room temperature. The longer it brews, the more robust the flavor. 
  • Straining Your Brew: Use a cheesecloth or fine-mesh strainer to filter out the coffee grounds. For a cleaner taste, consider a double strain. 

Serving Your Cold Brew 

  • Customize Your Cup: Enjoy your cold brew over ice, diluted with water or milk to your liking. Sweeteners or flavorings can be added to enhance the taste. 
  • Storage Solutions: Keep your cold brew refrigerated. It remains fresh and flavorful for up to two weeks. 

Tips for a Perfect Batch 

  • Freshness First: Always use freshly ground beans. 
  • Flavor Experimentation: Infuse your brew with vanilla, cinnamon, or cocoa for a unique twist. 
  • Water Quality: Filtered water can make a significant difference in the taste of your brew. 


Creating cold brew coffee at home is easy and rewarding. With the right beans, a bit of patience, and this guide, you're well on your way to enjoying a smooth, delicious coffee experience. 

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