Would you like to hear about a magical drink that will kick start your morning with notable health benefits? This drink is a matcha latte! The secret drink to Kardashians’ fitness. A well-crafted Matcha latte is a creamily satisfying, full-bodied cup of green tea goodness. The indelible fusion of milk, sugar, and matcha tea leaves creates a pleasing balance of umami flavors and sweet comfort that make this signature beverage a year-round favorite for everyone.

You've always wanted to make your Matcha Latte at home, but you couldn't because it seemed too tricky? We have revealed the secret in our DIY Matcha Latte recipe-iced, hot or blended article.

Spoiler alert: it's not as hard as you think.

If you are some with hard luck and haven’t tried matcha latte ever, then leme just clear your thoughts first about…

What is a matcha latte?

Whether combined with your post-workout drink or starting your day, matcha lattes are Instagram-worthy. Snap your pic, choose the best coffee filter, post it, and scarf down your new go-to at-home indulgence.

Lattes are prepared differently than caffè lattes. Instead of espresso, green matcha tea is used with steamed milk in a similar form.

Matcha lattes are tea-based beverages made with matcha tea powder and milk or a dairy substitute. Together, they offer creamy, smooth, caffeinated brands of coffee. Matcha Lattes can be found in most tearooms and coffee brands, both hot and iced.

Are you trying to kick your addiction to frozen ice cream and looking for an alternative? Then we have the drink for you!

I know, I know, I just honed your curiosity, and you want me to spill more beans about matcha. So let’s get started.

Origin of matcha

In the 12th century, Zen Buddhist monk Myoan Esai introduced Matcha to Japan. Matcha originates from China but is almost exclusively associated with Japan. The tea leaves used to make matcha are shade-grown like gyokuro green tea, with only higher-quality buds chosen for picking. The leaves are then dried flat and deveined, then ground into powder to make matcha.

There are two distinct grades of matcha, based on attributes such as quality, time of harvest, color, flavor, and aroma. "Culinary" is divided into several subcategories, including "cafe grade," "kitchen-grade" and others. The levels of quality among producers may differ, but ceremonial is always considered the best and is usually drunk straight, sometimes as part of a ceremonial matcha tea ceremony. In other words, "culinary-grade" matcha does not mean that there are types of matcha that are unsuitable for drinking or cooking - it simply means that culinary-grade matcha works just fine for your Matcha Latte, matcha cookies, and so on.


Let’s jump into the real thing now, the recipe!

How to make a hot matcha latte at home

The barista at the famous coffee shop is making a matcha latte. You are just gazing at it and thinking can I make latte matcha at home? Yes! You can do it. Making a matcha latte requires a little bit of extra work than preparing a regular latte.

Take a look in the cabinets and grab the ingredients. The best part is, there will be no brewing of tea.

In other words, no waiting, no craving!

Chamberlain coffee matcha is a powdered tea leaf that can be used to make a perfect matcha latte or shaken in a bottle to make a regular drink.

Consistent taste is a good thing. When you make plain matcha tea, you would dissolve your matcha powder in milk and combine it with it. Let's have some latte matcha then!

What you’ll need

8 ounces of nonfat milk

2 teaspoons of matcha powder

Dried nuts or flowers (optional)

Prep time

Just 5 minutes.


  1. First thing first, heat your almond milk or nonfat milk to an ideal temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Grab your favorite chamberlain jar and add matcha powder to it. Add the hot milk on top. Add the steaming milk and stir vigorously. A small spoon works well in place of a whisk if you do not have one on hand. By combining the ingredients, you should obtain a smooth, dark green paste. After the lumps have been whisked out, the drink is ready to enjoy. Lo and behold! Wallah! Enjoy this smooth, creamy, and light green nutritious drink with your favorite Netflix season.
  3. To top off your latte with pure luxury, you can sprinkle matcha leaves on top, add dried lavender or rose petals, or top it off with nuts or foam.

How to make an iced matcha latte

During the warmer months, nothing beats a cool, refreshing beverage. Some people prefer iced drinks in winter, while others prefer hot drinks. We have the straightforward recipe you need for your favorite thirst quencher. Whatever your reason for turning to an iced matcha latte, we have the method you need.

Matcha latte iced does not require brewing like other matcha drinks. Matcha is now a convenient tea latte option with no need to make the mixture and you will look fancy when you serve it. Make iced matcha lattes by following this recipe.

What you’ll need

6 ounces of nonfat milk

2 teaspoons of matcha powder

1 cup of ice

Prep time

Just 20 minutes to satisfy your thirst.


  1. To begin, you need to heat your nonfat milk or oat milk to 170 degrees Fahrenheit, preferably by heating it in a kettle.
  2. Steamed milk should be mixed with matcha powder in a small matcha bowl once it is steamed. You will see a vibrant green mixture that will freshen up your eyes.
  3. To enjoy the final product, you need to be patient with this next step. Refrigerate or freeze the bowl for 15 minutes to cool it. Try checking your email, calling your mom, or exercising during your wait time.
  4. When matcha has reached the correct temperature, fill a tall glass with plenty of ice. Add the matcha. Prepare your drink by stirring it a couple of times before serving it.
  5. Adding matcha powder, dried rose or anything else you want to your drink will enhance its flavor. Thumbs up!