Coffee. It’s a personal thing. The way we drink it varies, depending on who we are as people, what mood we’re in, and even what the time of day it is. That’s why at Chamberlain Coffee, we’ve made sure there’s something for everyone across our entire new range. To do this, we’ve carefully curated seven different blends to represent all the coffee drinkers out there. Say hello to the Chamberlain Coffee family!

The Family Blend

The original and first blend that we all know and love. The ultimate coffee crowd pleaser. This is the blend where it all began. A rich and vibrant medium roast with a juicy complexity similar to biting into a chocolate covered cherry. Drink it. Share it. Ruin your favorite sweater with it. Just don't forget to enjoy! Caffeine level: 4/5. Medium roast
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Early Bird

The Early Bird is the awkward overachiever. Eyes on the prize. Always a little too busy. This blend is for the early risers. For the get-up and goers. For the ones who get shit done. This light roast is crisp, bright, and complex with a subtle tartness of green apple & citrus, sweet caramel syrup body and a creamy milk chocolate finish. Caffeine level: 5/5, Light roast
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Careless Cat

The Careless Cat is anti-social and sarcastically introverted. A solo rider. Can't be bothered. Joy of missing out. Me time is prime time this blend is calling all introverts. This one is for those who just can’t rn. A more relaxed, half-caffeinated blend for when you just want to chill. A smooth, warm, and balanced medium roast with warm notes of toasted almonds, semi-sweet chocolate, butterscotch candy, and raisin. Caffeine level: 2.5/5, Medium roast
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Social Dog

The Social Dog is all about sharing is caring. Out and about. Forever FOMO. Intense and spontaneous. Jolly and naive. Happy go lucky. Social Dog equals time for a treat! The kind of brew that’s made for sharing. This medium roast is full bodied, complex & smooth with notes of milk chocolate, roasted peanuts, brown sugar, & a graham cracker finish. FOMO in a cup. Goes well with gossip. Caffeine level: 4/5, Medium roast
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Night Owl

The Night Owl is the notorious procrastinator and professional all-nighter. Nerdy and curious. Woke and wise, this is the essential midnight oil rose. Rich and velvety, toasty and creamy with notes of dark chocolate, honey sweetness, and toasted walnuts. With this dark roast blend, the night is always young. Caffeine level: 3/5, Dark roast
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Sleepy Sloth

Love coffee but also love sleeping? The Sleepy Sloth decaf blend is perfect for those that want coffee but don’t need that extra energy. Chug coffee and take a nap. Sounds pretty great righ. Caffeine level: 0/5, Medium roast
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Fancy Mouse

Chamberlain Coffee’s espresso blend. Available in both classic ground and whole bean. Perfect for when you need that extra kick to wake up, or if you are one of those badassess that really enjoy the taste of strong black coffee. Fancy Mouse is always down to get shit done. Caffeine level: 5/5, Dark roast
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Cold Brew Elephant

This is for the BIG TIME cold brew lovers. The Cold Brew Elephant is our cold brew blend that every cold brew drinker will love. Drop one of these bags into a pitcher, add some water, let it sit in the fridge overnight, and serve your cold brew however you like it! It’s simple and delicious. Caffeine level: 5/5, Dark roast
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Breezy Butterfly

Boost your energy with Breezy Butterfly. This light–roast blend flies high in flavor. An everyday obsession, with notes of berry, citrus, maple syrup, smooth chocolate, and bold coffee. Come down from the clouds to focus without taking anything too seriously. Caffeine Level: 5/5
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Fluffy Lamb

Fluffy Lamb is cozy and delicious. Loves dessert. Would rather hang with friends than alone. This medium–roast brew highlights rich Madagascar vanilla and roasted nuts. Drink when you want to feel young, wild, and free. Caffeine Level: 4/5
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Witty Fox

The Witty Fox is always down for mischief. Slyly made nut–free. Gets along with everyone. A creamy blend of toasted hazelnut, spice, and apple pie to sweeten any coffee routine. Delicious on slow mornings. Here for the laughs. Caffeine Level: 4/5
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