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• How much caffeine is in one pouch? 
Each Steeped Bag will brew a cup of coffee with ~95mg per serving caffeine. Equivalent to a standard cup of fresh coffee. 

How long until they expire?

While we recommend consuming in the days after receiving, they remain fresh for at least 6 months after purchase. 

Will there be other roasts/flavors being made?

Emma is excited to release special blends soon. Stay tuned... 

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $5 flat rate to anywhere in the US.

Where do they ship internationally?

$20 flat rate shipping internationally. We ship everywhere internationally as long as we have a valid address. 

Are peanuts used? Any allergy restrictions to note?

No peanuts or nuts whatsoever.

Is there any way to buy the mug/travel thermos without coffee?

This may be an option down the line but as of now, no. 

• How long does shipping take?

The Average for US shipments is 3 days.  Internationally it varies 

Is product back in stock?

Very much so.  We have Coffee & Travel Mugs stocked. 

Can customers home compost the packaging of the steeped bags? Or does it need to be sent out?

Yes, they can.