What makes the Chamberlain Coffee Coffee Pods different from alternatives?

Chamberlain Coffee’s Coffee Pods are Certified Commercially Compostable, cellulose based with no ink toxins and use a patented plant-based material.

What does commercially compostable mean? How does it differ from regular (home) compostable?

A garden compost bin is a small-scale compost that uses natural elements and manual turning to aerate and break down organic materials. On the other hand, commercial composts can break down more dense materials (such as large branches and compostable plastics) that cannot be broken down quickly.

What cities/communities have commercial composting?

N/AA full list of cities with commercial composting can be found here. We recommend checking this website frequently as more and more communities are offering commercial composting.

What about all the communities that don’t have commercial composting facilities?

You can check your state’s composting regulations and the best contact to discuss commercial composting facilities at https://www.compostingcouncil.org/page/StateRegulations. There are also some countertop machines available for sale that allow you to commercially compost at home.

Are the brand's Coffee Pods boxes also compostable?

Our Coffee Pod’s outer packaging is made from recycled paperboard without added plastic bags, wrappers, or seals, and is fully recyclable.

Do you need to do anything (e.g., empty or clean the pod) before it is compostable?

Our Coffee Pods are Commercially Compostable without having to remove lids or clean containers. Just pop the pod right in your compost bin after enjoying your coffee.