Did you know that 16 billion single-use coffee cups are used every year? This has a huge effect on the environment and causes problems ranging from water shortages to waste and pollution in our seas and rivers.

Drinking coffee at home avoids this problem entirely since you can use reusable mugs to drink your beverages. Many people are also starting to take reusable mugs and flasks into coffee shops in order to get their favorite drink every day. With mugs on the rise, it's important to get the best one so that you can enjoy your coffee without it going cold.

If you're ready to invest in a mug and help the planet at the same time, then take a look at our thoughts on what the best coffee mugs are. There's actually a lot of features that a good mug should have and we've compiled a list on all of them so that you can choose the right one for your needs.

What Does A Good Coffee Mug Need?

One reason why disposable plastic and paper cups are so popular with coffee chains is that they are great insulators, and keep the contents within them warm for a long time. So, when you're buying a coffee mug, you need to purchase one that will keep your coffee hot. Many mugs are now double-walled, which means your coffee won't go lukewarm quickly!

Another factor that you need to consider when browsing for a new mug is whether it is spill-proof. Again, disposable cups from chains like Starbucks are super handy because your drink won't easily spill, and stain your shirt. However, since they aren't good for the environment, many companies are creating mugs that come with spill-proof lids, that you can pop over the top of your mug so that if you accidentally knock it over, nothing falls out.

As well as the above, you need to ensure that your mug is big enough. Whether you enjoy a cold brew or an espresso, size is everything when it comes to cups, and so you need to make sure you buy something that will fit your coffee or tea inside with no problem.

A comfortable handle is also a necessity since you don't want your hand to get sore when you're holding your mug. The handle should also offer a good, sturdy grip so that the mug doesn't slip out of your hand and spill anywhere. Go for something that looks and feels strong as thin handles can often be very delicate and therefore, break easily.

Always look for a mug or flask that is leak proof. If you like to travel, then you can find great travel mugs that are made in such a way to prevent leaks occurring. If you want a classic cup, then search for a strong mug that won't break or chip easily and cause liquid to flow out.

Finally, you need to make sure you buy a mug that is made from a good material that is dishwasher safe. You don't want your new mug to look faded or have stains inside it, since this will drastically change its appearance. Try and choose something that will look sparkling new after it has been hand washed or put through the dishwasher.

If you drink a lot of coffee then it is worth investing in a good quality mug that also looks nice. Trust us, cheap mugs for coffee won't last as long and you don't want to constantly be replacing a faulty mug because you didn't buy a good standard one!

What Is The Best Coffee Mug To Keep Coffee Hot?

Keeping in mind the key features of a good coffee mug makes it easier to choose one when you're shopping. However, mugs come in a variety of materials. Did you know that some are much better than others for coffee? We all assume that cups are more or less the same but this isn't true and the material can affect a whole host of things such as heat retention and comfort.

So, what's the best style for you? We've compiled information about the main materials used in coffee cups so that you can make a great choice.

Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic mugs are one of the most popular mugs for coffee. They feel smooth in your hand, and they look great which heightens the overall drinking experience. Ceramic mugs are often sturdier and feel thicker than other varieties, due to how they are made.

A ceramic mug for coffee is a great choice because it is unlikely to break easily and is a more practical choice than other materials. As well as this, ceramic mugs don't easily absorb the flavors of your coffee, meaning it won't affect the taste whatsoever. This is incredibly important since taste in coffee is everything.

This type of mug will keep your coffee hot, since ceramic is double-walled and is an insulating material, and its thickness helps to retain heat for longer. If you like your drinks hot, then you will definitely want to invest in a ceramic mug.

To top it off, ceramic is also easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. Using this type of cup for coffee will definitely make your drinking experience a lot easier. What's more, you can find an abundance of cute ceramic designs due to its popularity, so you're certain to find a coffee cup in this material that suits your personal style.

Porcelain Mugs

Porcelain, also known as china, is very similar to ceramic since technically they come from the same family of materials. However, it is a little thinner than ceramic and has a lighter feel due to this. You may have heard of people using "fine china" for special occasions, and this is because porcelain has an air of elegance about it due to its exquisite structure and the feel this gives it.

Despite its delicate feel, porcelain is still very strong, although can be more easily broken than ceramic. If you don't like your drinks cold, then you'll be pleased to know that porcelain is also a great insulator and so is a perfect choice for keeping drinks at a hot temperature. You can easily clean porcelain either in the dishwasher or by hand, and ensure that it stays looking gleaming clean.

So, if you want a more elegant looking mug, you can look for a great porcelain cup. This material can be molded into several different sizes, making it perfect for any kind of hot drink.

Glass Mugs

You may have noticed that more and more people are drinking their coffee and tea from a glass mug. Although we usually associate cold drinks with glass, it has a certain fashionable appeal that makes it an irresistible choice.

Glass mugs are easy to clean and are very strong. But there are a few setbacks to them. One is that they break more easily than ceramic mugs. Another is that they don't naturally keep drinks hot, which can be problematic if you like your coffee warm.

However, there are some double wall glass mugs on the market, that help with insulation and ensure your coffee keeps hot. You can even buy a silicone lid to go with most glass mugs so that you can further keep the contents of your cup full warmed at all times.

If you want to show off the incredible color of your latte to all your friends when they visit your house, then you should invest in a glass mug. This is the only type of cup that allows you to see your contents as you drink them.

Stainless Steel Travel Mug Flasks

If you like to take your coffee to go, or you are a big traveler, then the best travel mug is definitely a stainless steel one. You can find a stainless steel travel mug online or in virtually every store since they are very popular.

These mugs are a great replacement for paper and plastic cups. If you love getting your coffee from a coffee shop, then you can take a travel mug in and ask for your coffee to be poured in there. Many big chains like Starbucks actually encourage this and will offer you a discount on your coffee if you bring in a mug like this.

Not only is a stainless steel mug good for the environment, but they are great for your coffee. These flasks are great insulators since they are double-walled, and stainless steel is a good, natural insulator. If you like your coffee hot then this is a top option.

When it comes to cleaning a travel coffee mug like this, they can be a bit trickier to clean due to their bottle-shaped design. It's important to check if your mug is hand wash only, or dishwasher safe, since each brand will have a different policy for their travel mug.

This type of mug is also leak-proof. Since they are designed for travel, they are made to keep everything inside, so you needn't worry about any hot coffee escaping your flask when you're on the move!

Unfortunately, there is one small drawback to a stainless steel travel mug. Although your coffee will stay hot, you won't get as good a flavor as you would with a ceramic or porcelain mug. This is because stainless steel can often affect the taste of the liquid, and the result is that you have a hot drink with a slightly metallic taste.

All in all, this material is great for travel mugs, but if you can use a different mug for your coffee at home, it is a wise choice!

Plastic Mugs

Last on our list is plastic mugs. Although many of us are aware of the problems that plastic can cause the environment, people assume this is only with single-use plastic. However, coffee mugs made from plastic are also made with this imperishable material, and when thrown away, can have a terrible effect on the world.

A plastic mug for your hot coffee is not a good idea, since plastic absorbs flavors and smells, and no amount of cleaning can get rid of them. This can lead to your drink having a funky taste, and will overall make your coffee drinking experience worse.

As well as this, if the plastic isn't cleaned properly or is too moist, mold can build up, which means your mug could have some fungus growing on it if you're not careful.

So, although plastic mugs sound like a convenient idea as they are hard to break, it is best to stay away from them. Even as travel mugs, they are not the best option.

Chamberlain Coffee Mugs

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